High impact clear polycarbonate reinforced CZ-style anti-riot shield

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FBP-TS-GR03 round reinforced CZ-style anti-riot shield is made of high-quality PC material.It is characterized by high transparency,light weight,good flexibility,strong proection capacity,good impact resistance,durability,etc.With the protection of double panels and metal edge design,it may not be deformed easily under external force;the grip is designed according to ergonomics,making it easy to hold firmly;and thebackboard can effectively absorb the vibration caused by an external force.This shield can resist throwing objects and sharp instruments other than firearms and the high temperatures caused by instantaneous gasoline combustion.

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Technical Parameter

Material PC sheet;
Specification 580*580*3.5mm;
Weight 2.4kg;
Light transmittance ≥80%
Structure PC sheet,metallic bordure,backboard,double-handle;
Impact strength The impact in 147J kinetic energy standard;
Durable thorn performance Use standard GA68-2003 20J kinetic energy puncture with accord with a standard test tools;
Temperature range -20℃—+55℃;
Fire resistance It won't keep on fire over 5 second once leave fire
Test criterion GA422-2008”riot shields”standards;


One of the key attributes of riot shields is their ability to provide strong protection to law enforcement personnel. The shields possess excellent impact resistance, allowing them to withstand blows from various objects, including stones, sticks, and glass bottles. Thanks to their sturdy and durable construction, the shields can even withstand the force of small vehicles, ensuring the safety of officers in highly challenging situations.


Versatility and Additional Features

The double-layer plate is designed, and the back plate is equipped with a cushioning high-elastic sponge, buckle and grip, which is simple, convenient and safe and effective.
3mm thick anti-shatter polycarbonate panel, strong and durable at the same time, very high light transmittance
Words such as "riot", "police" and so on can be selected.

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