High impact clear polycarbonate round FR-style anti-slashing and  anti-riot shield

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FBP-TS-FR01 FR-style round anti-slashing and anti-riot shield is made of high-quality PC material. It is characterized by high transparen-cy,light weight, strong protection ability, good impact resistance, durability, etc. The appearance of the shield body is protruding, which can effectively block dangerous things and decrease the instantaneous impact of external force; and the shield body has an anti-chopping edge design around it, which can effectively prevent cutting tools and other devices from damaging the shield body. This kind of shield is different from the traditional riot shield in appearance. It is more beautiful and streamlined, with a certain artistic and visual impact.

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Technical Parameter


PC sheet;





Light transmittance



PC sheet,backboard,sponge mat,braid,handle;

Impact strength

The impact in 147J kinetic energy standard;

Durable thorn performance

Use standard GA68-2003 20J kinetic energy puncture with accord with a standard test tools;

Temperature range


Fire resistance

It won't keep on fire over 5 second once leave fire

Test criterion

GA422-2008”riot shields”standards;


The French police anti-riot shield has excellent rigidity and toughness. Through special surface treatment, it can maintain the beauty and integrity of the shield surface even after long-term use.

high impact clear polycarbonate round FR-style anti-slashing and  anti-riot shield

Versatility and Additional Features

High honey foam cushion on the back, soft support arms, grip non-slip texture to prevent hand slipping.
3mm thick anti-shatter polycarbonate panel, strong and durable at the same time, very high light transmittance
Words such as "riot", "police" and so on can be selected.

Factory Picture

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