Thermoformed Polycarbonate Czech Shield Both Hand Can Use

Short Description:

·Design for the former type circular bulge, strengthened the ability structure on the impact of the external force protection, effectively avoid the damage.
·Plastics Sucking Moulding, more toughness.
·The shield can stand strong shocks

Product Detail

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Technical Parameter


PC sheet;





Light transmittance



PC sheet,backboard,double-handle;

Impact strength

The impact in 147J kinetic energy standard;

Durable thorn performance

Use standard GA68-2003 20J kinetic energy puncture with accord with a standard test tools;

Temperature range


Fire resistance

It won't keep on fire over 5 second once leave fire

Test criterion

GA422-2008”riot shields”standards;


The shields possess excellent impact resistance, allowing them to withstand blows from various objects, including stones, sticks, and glass bottles. Thanks to their sturdy and durable construction, the shields can even withstand the force of small vehicles, ensuring the safety of officers in highly challenging situations.

Our shields boast outstanding impact resistance, making them a dependable choice for law enforcement officers facing a variety of threats. Designed to safeguard officers in the line of duty, these shields can effectively withstand blows from objects such as stones, sticks, and glass bottles, ensuring optimal protection during protests or other challenging situations.

What sets our shields apart is their robust and durable construction. Crafted with the utmost precision, they are built to endure even the force of small vehicles. This unique feature offers officers an unparalleled level of safety and security, especially when navigating through high-risk scenarios where they need unwavering protection. Our shields are more than just equipment; they are a shield of trust for those who safeguard our communities.


Versatility and Additional Features

High honey foam cushion on the back, soft support arms, grip non-slip texture to prevent hand slipping.
3mm thick anti-shatter polycarbonate panel, strong and durable at the same time, very high light transmittance
Words such as "riot", "police" and so on can be selected.

Factory Picture

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