High impact clear polycarbonate Cz-style anti-riot shield

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FBP-TL-JK01 Cz-style anti- riot shield is made of high-quality PC material. It is characterized by high transparency,light weight, strong protection ability, good impact resistance, durability, etc. The folding wing design on both sides of the shield can effectively block the attack of dangerous objects from multiple angles. The backboard designed according to ergonomics is easy to hold firmy. This shield can resist throwing objects and sharp instruments other than firearms and high temperatures caused by the instantaneous combustion of gasoline.

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Technical Parameter

Material PC sheet;
Specification 570*1000*3mm;
Weight <4kg;
Light transmittance ≥80%
Structure PC sheet,backboard,double-handle;
Impact strength The impact in 147J kinetic energy standard;
Durable thorn performance Use standard GA68-2003 20J kinetic energy puncture with accord with a standard test tools;
Temperature range -20℃—+55℃;
Fire resistance It won't keep on fire over 5 second once leave fire
Test criterion GA422-2008”riot shields”standards;


Riot shields are constructed using high-quality PC material, which offers a range of advantageous properties. First and foremost, these shields boast exceptional transparency, allowing riot police to maintain a clear line of sight while dealing with volatile situations. Additionally, the use of PC material makes the shields lightweight, ensuring ease of maneuverability for officers in high-pressure scenarios.
One of the key attributes of riot shields is their ability to provide strong protection to law enforcement personnel. The shields possess excellent impact resistance, allowing them to withstand blows from various objects, including stones, sticks, and glass bottles. Thanks to their sturdy and durable construction, the shields can even withstand the force of small vehicles, ensuring the safety of officers in highly challenging situations.

High impact clear polycarbonate Cz-style anti-riot shield

Versatility and Additional Features

While primarily designed to block blows from projectiles, Guoweixing's riot shields offer additional functionalities. These shields are resistant to thrown objects and sharp instruments, other than firearms, providing comprehensive protection in various scenarios. Moreover, they are capable of withstanding the heat generated by instantaneous burning of petrol, further safeguarding officers during riot control operations.Law enforcement agencies must ensure proper training and adherence to guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of these security products.

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